We are looking forward to contributing to better packaging solutions within the beauty world and achieving carbon neutrality as our business grows.

Preening has teamed together with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) to lower our environmental footprint through the purchase of carbon offsets, Water Restoration Certificates® (WRC) and renewable energy certificates (REC).  The purchase of offsets and certificates through BEF additionally helps restore freshwater ecosystems, increase access to clean energy, and improves water and air quality for communities across the globe.  We have estimated the carbon footprint of our business and mitigated the footprint by matching our emissions with RECs and carbon offsets. Similarly, we have balanced water usage by supporting a water restoration project with WRCs.  Our carbon offset specifically supported regenerative agriculture to improve farming practices that can help store carbon in our soils, and create more resilient supply chains as we grow food for our families and natural products for our homes.

If you want to learn more about carbon offsets and RECs, please see the EPA’s guide