Why the name Preening?

As a child, Tiffany grew up with birds that were impeccable self-groomers. They preened their way to fastidious perfection daily.  We could all learn from these birds about self-care!  In the spirit of these feathered self-care gurus, preening is a ritual we can all adopt to make ourselves feel proud about our daily hand care routine.


We reduce the environmental impact of operating our business through carbon offsets, RECs, and WRCs.

Our Commitment

Made in USA

Our ingredients are sourced globally, but we manufacture all of our products less than 50 miles from our New York City office. This reduces the impact of transportation and supports local businesses.

Ingredient Sourcing

We strive to make effective formulations with natural ingredients. We make every effort to source organic and fair trade when possible.


You will never find "fragrance" as an ingredient in our products. We use naturally derived scents which are listed individually on our ingredients list.